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Alpha Capital Management offers comprehensive wealth management services; with rigorously vetted selection of investments and resources to meet the diversification, timeframe, risk profile and cost considerations of each client. Depending on each client’s unique financial condition, our work might encompass one, a few, or all of the following dimensions of services:

Comprehensive Wealth Services
Investment Management
Personal Savings and Portfolio Planning
Saving for College
Retirement Income Solutions
Financial Independence
Other Work as Specified by the Client

We routinely coordinate our wealth management services with tax, insurance and estate planning professionals to support a client’s overall strategic plan.

  • Investment Policy Development –The first step of new client relationship involves learning as much as we can about the client, clarifying their goals, identifying risk preferences, establishing return objectives, and creating a strategy that addresses all three (goals, risk, and return).


  • Asset Allocation and Investment Research and Analysis – Based on the Investment Policy, an optimal mix of asset and sub-asset classes in a disciplined process to create long-term strategic allocations. A diversified set of investments   are  identified through an internal vetting process designed to meet client goals and objectives.


  • Portfolio Design and Diversification – This process involves choosing the final mix of investments that will meet a client’s goals while providing an optimal level of diversification and reduced volatility. Herein lies the art of portfolio construction, which entails fine tuning the mix of options to meet the previously defined Asset Allocation.

  • Implementation, Monitoring and Adjustment – This step is the ongoing due diligence of individual positions as well as overall portfolio allocations evaluations to adhere to investment goals. In addition, periodic portfolio rebalancing or position adjustments are conducted as required by cash flows or client lifestyle changes.

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